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We're only two months into 2002 and it's already shaping up to be a very busy year for ColdFusion development. I hope you're experiencing the same thing. If so, don't forget we're here to help you with all your CF-related issues. This month I have two questions for you. Q: I'm writing a CF app that needs to interface with another company's shopping cart. A user adds products to our shopping cart and when ready to pay for the products, we send the user to a payment processor for credit-card processing. When the purchase is approved, the payment processor sends the user back to our site using a URL we specify. The problem is this: when the user first comes back to our site, the cart is empty and the session variables seem to be lost. If the user clicks any links within our site again, the cart contents reappear. Any ideas? A: I've encountered this situation before with ... (more)

Ask the Training Staff

Two questions I received this month made me realize just how often we overlook the power of Lists and the many List functions in CF. Many times, we look at a string or other piece of data and don't even realize that what we're looking at is actually a list. Once we realize that something can be treated as a list, CF gives us many ways of using or manipulating that data. Here are two perfect examples: Q: We have an e-mail news-letter that we send out to those who subscribed at our Web site. All they have to do is give us their e-mail address. I want to find out how many unique dom... (more)

Ask the Training Staff

Greetings. I hope all of you who attended the DevCon last month enjoyed it, and came away with some great tips and tricks. This month's column is short, but hopefully addresses some problems that you've encountered recently. Keep those questions coming! Q: I have an application that allows users to upload newsletter articles into a database memo field (I'm using MS Access for my database). My problem is this: when I query the articles from the database and output them using CFOUTPUT, some of the really long articles are getting truncated. I've double-checked, and all of the text ... (more)

Ask the Training Staff

I don't know about you, but February is going to be a very busy month for me. Not only is there plenty of CF work to keep me busy, but my wife, my son, and I are eagerly awaiting the birth of baby boy number two! Nevertheless, I have questions to answer and one revision to make on a previous answer. I hope you find it all worthwhile. First let's deal with the revision of my answer back in December (Vol. 4, issue 12) regarding the use of a placeholder in a query. The question was really centered around writing dynamic queries and how to handle the question of what should go immed... (more)

In Defense of MS Access

I often hear ColdFusion developers and some of my colleagues who do training for Allaire say things like, "Don't just walk away from MS Access_run!" While I think I know much of the rationale for a statement like that, I still feel I have to come to its defense. The Bad News First! Let me start by saying that I agree, to some extent, with the above derogatory comment about Access. Much of the criticism of ColdFusion comes in the form of "CF is too slow." When asked to explain, people will say, "It seems like most of the ColdFusion sites I visit are slow" or some similar remark a... (more)